Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


There are just 2 days until Christmas and it feels like the festive season is at its´ highest peak.  This time of year everything becomes a chance to be Christmases.  The radio stations play Christmas songs, you bake Christmas cookies, you wear Christmas pyjamas and Christmas socks, and you watch Christmas classics. I’m also in full holiday spirit and become Santa’s “ Elf🙂 “- “ I am Elf ……..on the shelf”.


Around festive season many people have their own festive traditions, often built over many years and passed down from one generation to the next. Christmas trees, fairy lights and more recently the Christmas elf tradition and whatever your practice and tradition is, please remember, spread holiday cheer and have a Happy New Year!




About conservationwithella

Hello, I'm Ella, Art on Paper Conservator & Preservation Manager at Glasgow University Archives and Special Collections. This blog is a walk through my daily life, work, arts & crafts history, my discovery that everything in my life is enough to be a continuous source of reflection. I started blogging to entertain myself but I hope you enjoy it too. I'm sure you agree, that Life without art is nothing. :)

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