Example of vellum binding and machine leafcasting


This example shows a full conservation treatment on an early 16 century vellum binding volume. The pages losses were infilled in the leafcasting machine with paper pulp.


The documents were placed on a fine mesh in the leafcasting machine and submersed in water containing paper pulp. The water with pulp runs through the gaps and missing parts where a new paper is deposited. The flow of water also washes out dirt and discolouration of the documents. Damaged parts of the paper were strengthened with Japanese tissue paper. After drying, the pages were reassembled into sections and the sections were sewn back together.


The text block was sewn on vellum strips and new boards were attached and the new cover was reconstructed using new vellum.



About conservationwithella

Hello, I'm Ella, Art on Paper Conservator & Preservation Manager at Glasgow University Archives and Special Collections. This blog is a walk through my daily life, work, arts & crafts history, my discovery that everything in my life is enough to be a continuous source of reflection. I started blogging to entertain myself but I hope you enjoy it too. I'm sure you agree, that Life without art is nothing. :)

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